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Millenium Drums Drumming Tips For 2022

As the year comes to a close everyone is assessing the year gone by, what they loved and what they would like to improve in the years to come. Most drummers are constantly practising and getting better every day, the grind is what makes the instrument so rewarding and stimulating. Here are 3 tips to help you improve as a drummer in 2022!

Ask yourself why!

When learning anything or looking to improve in a certain instrument or skill it is important to ask yourself why? Why do you want to get better at the drums? Having a strong “why” will help you to get through the most boring of practice routines! 

Your „why“ could be anything you could want to be one of the best drummers in the world and play stadiums or you just want to get better at the drums so you can play along well to your favourite songs! It is important to remember and hold on to this “why” whatever it is and no matter how many times it changes! It will help to propel you towards your goals on the instrument. 

Divide up your practice time

Your practice time is the most valuable time of the day when it comes to progression on the drums, whether you are playing an acoustic kit, E-kit, practice pad or tapping on your knees. Dividing up your practice time can be a useful way to keep your practice time interesting. 

For example, if you have two hours which you have given yourself to play the drums, you can split that into four half-hour chunks. Chunk 1 is warming up having fun and getting all of the pent up energy out of your system. Chunk 2 rudiments and technique, Chunk 3 Groove and independence, Chunk 4 playing to songs and creativity. 

Dividing up your time as such can ensure that no time is wasted and you can cover lots of topics in the amount of time that you have, no matter how long or short that is! Obviously, you can divide up your time into however many chunks you like and the subjects will change depending on where you are in your drumming journey.

Try listening to new music

This next one is up for debate many incredible drummers have become incredibly skilled at their particular genre or style by focusing entirely on one lane of music or driúmming style. Repetitive conscious practice of one thing over time will 100% lead to progression. 

However, opening yourself up to new styles and genres of music can help you to bring new ideas into your playing. For example, if you are primarily into western pop and rock try listening to some afro Caribbean and South American music. The rhythms played in these styles of music will be so different to what you are used to! Learning them will improve your overall playing and allow you to spice up your creative playing with something new. 

Overall, expanding your musical horizons to new genres is definitely a positive thing and can help you to work with lots of different musicians throughout your drumming journey! 

This concludes our three drumming tips for 2022! Be sure to check back soon for more exciting articles in the Millenium Drums magazine, including New Products, Discover articles, Education, and Support!