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Still Cymbals and what they are good for

Millenium Drums Still Cymbals in red

With our B20 and Brass series we have a large selection of excellent-sounding cymbals in our product range. However, there’s a third option that stands out from the rest. Our Still Cymbals live up to their name by providing a lower cymbal sound. Let’s delve into what makes them unique and explore their advantages.

As drummers we typically enjoy making noise. Yet, our neighbors may not share the same enthusiasm, especially when our daily routine involves several hours of practice. To maintain neighborly peace, it often makes sense to keep the volume of our instrument at a lower level.

Unfortunately, we can’t simply turn down the amp like a guitarist can. One solution is to consider an electronic drum set. Models such as the MPS 750 from our MPS line demonstrate that such a kit doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive to deliver exceptional sound and playability.

Another, even simpler approach to reducing volume is to use a practice kit. The main difference compared to electronic drums is the absence of trigger pickups and a sound module used to reproduce drum sounds. All you need to do is attach mesh heads, like our QuiHeads, to your drum shells.

However, when it comes to cymbals, it’s not quite so simple. There are damper pads but they tend to change the feel a lot. The same goes for practice pads or rubber pads that come with electronic drum kits. This is where our Still Cymbals come into play – they could be seen as the counterpart to mesh heads.

Millenium Drums Still Cymbals product range

Still Cymbals are about 80% quieter than regular cymbals and yet offer excellent feel. The entire cymbal surface is perforated with small holes, resulting in a significant reduction in volume even with powerful hits. Nevertheless, the vibration behavior and rebound are very close to the real thing. This is a great compromise for long practice sessions.

The sound of the Still Cymbals is fairly authentic, making them suitable for low-volume rehearsals and even acoustic performances in smaller venues. Sonically, the high frequencies are clearly emphasized. Still Cymbals may be perceived as slightly smaller and thinner sounding than conventional cymbals. Most important is the short but realistic decay, which you don’t get with dampened cymbals or rubber pads.

Still Cymbals are available individually or in a set that includes a 14” hi-hat, a 20” ride and two crashes in 16” and 18”. And of course, this set can be expanded at any time – for example, with a 10″ splash or an 18″ china. Moreover, all Still Cymbals are available in four different colors.

For those seeking a complete practice kit without the need to assemble individual components, the Millenium Hybrid Practice Drum Set is worth considering. It will undoubtedly contribute to a sense of tranquility within your neighborhood.

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