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Drumming Anywhere: The Millenium MD-100 Mobile Drum Kit

Looking for a beginner-friendly drumming solution that’s lightweight and portable? Meet the Millenium MD-100! As the first-ever mobile drum kit featuring mesh heads, the MD-100 offers a significantly more realistic playing experience compared to models with rubber pads. With its built-in speakers, a headphone-output and the option to power it via a power bank, you can play the drums anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re jamming with friends or practicing solo, the MD-100 has you covered.

As Portable as a Drum Kit Gets

Millenium Drums MD 100

With dimensions of roughly 24.5” x 15” x 5” and a weight of just under 7.5 pounds, the MD-100 is perfect for musicians on the go. Featuring non-slip rubber feet, it stays securely in place whether it’s placed on a tabletop or a chair. Its internal speakers deliver sufficient volume for jam sessions with acoustic instruments like a guitar or piano.

Additionally, the MD-100 is versatile enough for occasional stage performances. Even though there are more specialized solutions for hybrid drumming, like the Millenium Nonapad, the MD-100 can be effortlessly mounted to a snare stand and incorporated into an acoustic drum set. The 3.5mm headphone jack can be utilized for output, enabling you to route the MD-100 through a PA system. Moreover, in a studio setting, the MD-100’s MIDI over USB functionality enables it to serve as a MIDI controller – perfect for adding human feel to your beats.

Comprehensive Features

The MD-100 offers a total of eight drum pads – including a snare and three toms with 5” mesh heads, as well as four 3.5” rubber pads for hi-hats, ride, and two crashes. Additionally, it comes with two basic foot pedals, allowing you to play the bass drum and hi-hats with your feet, just like with a larger drum kit.

Equipped with essential features such as a metronome, a recording function and more than a hundred play-along tracks, the MD-100 provides key tools for practice sessions. Furthermore, its Hand-Perc mode adjusts the sensitivity of the pads, enabling hand-playing techniques. The package includes both bass drum and hi-hat pedals, a power adapter, and even a pair of drumsticks, ensuring you have everything you need to start drumming right out of the box.

MD-100 vs. MD-90

At first glance, the MD-100 may appear similar to the smaller MD-90, but it’s a whole new beast in terms of capabilities. The most obvious difference lies in the number and layout of the pads. While the MD-90 features only seven pads, the MD-100 steps it up with eight, including four equipped with mesh heads. 

Moreover, the MD-100 shines with an expansive sound selection: It comes with 665 sounds and 80 kits compared to the MD-90’s 265 sounds and 45 kits. From acoustic to electronic sounds, percussion, and even tonal instruments, the range is truly immense. Additionally, the MD-100 doubles the number of programmable user kits to 10.

Keeping up with the times, the MD-100 ditches the battery compartment in favor of powering via a power bank through its USB port. It also allows for recording up to 10 samples, each up to 3 seconds long, using either the internal microphone or the aux input (3.5mm stereo jack). This presents an easy way of getting started with sampling and trying out your own sounds.

Easy on the Wallet, Big on Fun

While the MD-100 may not completely replace larger electronic drum sets like those in our MPS series or even acoustic kits, it serves as an excellent entry point into the world of drumming without requiring a significant investment or a practice room. It’s perfect for dipping your toes into drumming without breaking the bank.

Millenium Drums MD 100

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