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Hybrid Drumming with the NonaPad

Adding electronic elements to an acoustic drum kit has become increasingly popular over the years. Modern gear like a sample pad broadens our sonic palette and allows us drummers to bring unique sounds from studio productions to the stage. If you’re looking to get into hybrid drumming, the NonaPad is a powerful yet affordable option.

Millenium Nonapad

Meet the NonaPad

The NonaPad gets its name from its nine drum pads: six square pads in two rows and three thinner pads at the upper edge. All pads are velocity-sensitive, offering a great playing feel right out of the box. 

The NonaPad comes with an extensive library of over 600 sounds, with only a small portion used by the 30 preset kits. There’s so much to discover and you can easily create your own kits using these sounds.

Import any Sample

The sonic possibilities with the NonaPad become truly endless when you import your own samples, allowing you to trigger any imaginable sound. You can use everything from your favorite 808 from a software library to a signature snare sound from a studio production to your own recorded vocal loops. With dual layering, you can even stack two samples on one pad.

Importing WAV files (16-bit/48kHz, mono) into the NonaPad’s internal memory is simple using either a USB stick or a connected computer. Out of the 512 MB of internal memory, about 128 MB are available for storing your own sounds, which is plenty of space for one-shot samples and loops.

Integrating the NonaPad into an Acoustic Kit

Naturally, anyone intending to use the NonaPad on stage requires a reliable way to set it up securely. If you’re planning to integrate the NonaPad into an acoustic kit, the Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp with an included mounting plate makes it easy to attach the NonaPad to any cymbal stand. Alternatively, the NonaPad comes in a bundle with a dedicated percussion stand.

There are no strict rules for placement. Some drummers like to position the NonaPad on the left side next to the hi-hats, while others skip the rack toms and place it directly above the snare. You can use headphones for practice, but of course, the NonaPad can be integrated into a PA and monitoring system on stage.

Millenium Nonapad

Expanding the NonaPad 

The NonaPad’s rear panel includes several inputs for external triggers. This allows you to connect two additional dual-zone pads like the Millenium MPS-850 Mesh Head Pads and position them anywhere around your kit. You can even hook up a kick pad and the Millenium Hi-Hat Controller, effectively turning the NonaPad into a full compact electronic drum kit.

Additional Features

We’ve covered just the basics in this article. The NonaPad has much more to offer, such as a recording function and a kit chain feature for fast kit-switching on stage. It also includes a small effects suite with reverb. Plus, the NonaPad can be used as a standalone MIDI controller.

Millenium Nonapad

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