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Black Beast Snare - a metal snare drum for different applications

Main snare or side snare, that is the question?

The 13″x3,5″ Black Beast Snare lends itself perfectly to both scenarios, whether played as a timbale style drum with the snares off for reggae or cranked super tight for that Deftones snare sound!

The 1.0 mm steel shell of the Black Beast Snare makes for a perfect high pitch piccolo snare experience, and the high pitch crack of this snare, when tuned up, is guaranteed to cut through any mix and get you heard!

Triple flanged hoops for extra resonance

The 1.6 mm triple-flanged black steel hoops match the finish of the snare drum. The hoops affect the sound leaving the snare drum open and able to ring out when cranked. This snare drum is perfect for pop-punk, ska, and reggae. Any style of music where the snare is very present!

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