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Deep Dive Series #2: The MPS-1000 (Pt. 2)

Check out the second installment of our Deep Dive Series! In this video, our excellent host, Ben, gets deeper into the module to show you how to customize every part of the MPS-1000 to suit your playing style.

Ben looks at how to calibrate each pad individually and how you can mix your drums and apply FX. He also looks at how to properly set your Hi-Hat pad and manage the different ins and outs of the MPS-1000 module!

Check out the link below to watch the video and let us know if there is anything extra you would like to know by commenting on the YouTube channel or sending us a message via our contact form. We are always super happy to hear from you.

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Deep Dive | MPS-1000 | assembly and advanced settings

In this video, Ben looks into the set-up menu and advanced settings of the Millenium MPS-1000. He gets deep into the menus this week and shows you how to get the best sound and playability from your MPS-1000!

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This concludes the “Deep Dive Series #2 – MPS-1000: assembly and advanced settings”-post! Be sure to check back soon for more exciting articles in the Millenium Drums Magazine, including New Products, Discover Articles, Education, and Support! Thank you very much for reading! In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Millenium Drums Contact!