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MPS-1000 vs. MPS-750X PRO

Millenium MPS 1000

Electronic drum sets with real wooden shells are popular due to their authentic look and realistic playing feel. For kits like this, our catalog offers two distinct options. While the MPS-1000 remains popular as one of our flagship products, the MPS-750X PRO is a newer model, that’s available at a more affordable price. What sets these kits apart, and which one best suits your needs? Let’s find out!

Differences in kit configuration

At first glance, in terms of kit configuration, the classic MPS-1000 and MPS-750X PRO seem quite similar. Both models are 5-piece-kits with kick, snare and three toms, all outfitted with double-ply mesh heads for authentic rebound. The shell sizes of the standard configurations are mostly identical. Only the kick drum is slightly larger on the MPS-1000 (20”x16”) than on the MPS-750X PRO (18”x14”). However, the MPS-1000 is also available in an alternative “1-up, 2-down” configuration with two floor toms. If you are a fan of this kind of setup, the MPS-1000 is the way to go.

Moving on to the cymbals, both the MPS-1000 and MPS-750X PRO come with the same high-quality cymbal pads. An important feature besides their precise response is 360° triggering, which means that all pads can be played all around the entire cymbal. While the MPS-750X PRO includes a standard cymbal set comprising a hi-hat, ride and crash, the MPS-1000 goes a step further by including an additional crash. With both kits providing two additional pad inputs, the MPS-750X PRO can be upgraded accordingly.

Millenium Drums MPS 1000

The sounds

Both the MPS-1000 and the MPS-750X PRO offer exceptional sounds spanning acoustic drums, electronic drums and percussion instruments. With that being said, the MPS-1000 offers a broader selection with 820 sounds and 40 kits, compared to the MPS-750X PRO’s 697 sounds and 20 kits. Of course, users can create their own kits on both models: 40 with the MPS-1000 and 20 with the MPS-750X PRO.

Apart from that, the MPS-1000 holds another significant advantage over the MPS-750X PRO: its open sound architecture. This feature allows users to import their own one-shot samples and loops, providing unparalleled flexibility. Simply insert a memory stick into the module’s rear port and transfer the files to the internal memory.

Millenium Drums MPS 750X Pro

Better connectivity with the MPS-1000

With its sound module, the MPS-1000 surpasses the MPS-750X PRO in both features and versatility. At first glance, you’ll notice the larger 3.2” LCD screen and a greater number of faders for individual drums and cymbals. And you’ll also notice that it’s mounted on it’s own stand and can be positioned freely. In contrast, the MPS750X PRO’s module is equipped with a hi-hat holder.

Another important distinction lies in the connectivity of the modules. While the MPS-750X PRO features a basic stereo line out, the MPS-1000 provides eight additional outputs. This is ideal for stage performances, as it allows you to send individual channels to the FOH mixer. And of course, individual channels are great for recording, too. Apart from this, both kits offer a Bluetooth function. So playing along with a streaming service on your smartphone is not a problem.

Now that we have considered all the differences, one question remains: Does the smaller MPS-750X PRO fulfill your needs or would you benefit from the additional features of the MPS-1000? It’s your call.

Millenium Drums MPS 750X Pro

MPS-750X Pro

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