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MPS-750X Pro

Electric and acoustic drums in one!

Our successful model is ready for the stage

We’ve fitted our successful MPS-750X E-Drum Set with real wood shells and added a complete hardware set, giving it the look of an acoustic drum kit. You can bet that hardly anyone will recognise that the Millenium MPS-750X Pro is an electronic drum kit. With its standard sizes, including a 18“ x 14″ bass drum, 10″ x 6″, 12″ x 6″ and 14″ x 14″ toms and a 13″ x 5.5″ snare in an attractive Black Sparkle finish, it not only has a nice appearance in the rehearsal room, but also looks classy and professional on stage.

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Drum pads
Drumheads material
Cymbals plus hi-hat
MPS-750X Pro

Impressive inner values

Nearly 700 sounds, including acoustic drums, electronic sounds and percussion instruments, ensure that you are guaranteed to find the right sounds. To get you started, we’ve pre-programmed 20 drum kits, and you can save your own sets on 20 additional slots. For this, you have numerous editing options at your disposal, such as equalizer, reverb and effects. With the help of the integrated faders, you can easily adjust your volume and effect settings. The module also offers you 55 songs to drum along to. Thanks to the Bluetooth feature, you can even play along wirelessly with your personal favourite songs from your mobile phone.

MPS-750X Pro

Authentic feel

Like the standard MPS-750X, the Pro version features mesh heads on all the drums. These woven heads, which are the same size as those found on acoustic drumsets, not only protect your wrists, but also give you the feeling of playing on regular heads. You can easily adjust their hardness to suit your needs using a tuning key. All the drum pads, plus the 13″ hi-hat and the 15″ crash cymbal, have trigger zones on the rim and playing surface, and the 18″ ride even has a third zone on the bell.

MPS-750X Pro

Flexible and expandable

If you plan to expand your drum kit at some point, the MPS-750X module provides two trigger inputs for additional pads. The USB port offers the possibility to connect the module to a computer and integrate it into a recording software or to use sounds from a professional sound library. In this way, the possibilities are endless. If you want to get fully involved in editing the sounds, you can do this comfortably on your computer with the help of the Kit Editor, which is available in the download section of our website.

MPS-750X Pro
MPS-750X Pro

Technical specifications

Set configuration
  • 18″x14″ kick drum
  • 13″x5,5″ dual zone snare pad
  • 10″x06″ dual zone tom pad
  • 12″x06″ dual zone tom pad
  • 14″x14″ dual zone floor tom pad
  • 13″ dual zone hihat pad with controller
  • 15″ dual zone crash pad with choke
  • 18″ triple zone ride pad with choke
  • MPS-750X drum module with 20 preset and 20 userkits
Connection options
  • Line Out (L/R)
  • Headphone output
  • Line In
  • USB
  • two additional pad inputs
  • Bluetooth
Included Hardware
  • 2 boom cymbal stands
  • doubletomholder
  • Hi-hat Stand
  • KIck Pedal
  • module holder
  • Snare Stand

Possible configurations

  • MPS 750X Pro

    MPS-750X PRO E-Drum Mesh Set

  • MPS-750X Pro Mesh Bundle

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Sound Check | MPS-750X PRO

Check out this Soundcheck video for the MPS-750X Pro and hear the awesome samples included with the kit.

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