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Give the gift of groove this Christmas!

Top 5 Drumming Gifts this Xmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and in our opinion, nothing beats the gift of music. A musical instrument is a gift that keeps on giving and drums and percussion are definitely no exception to this rule. 

Here’s a list of our top 5 Millenium Drums gifts for drummers this Christmas! As long as you’re not on the naughty list We’ve got something for you! Gifts for new drummers, experienced players or that friend or family member looking to get back into it, we’ll get them sleigh-in’ the drums in no time!

Millenium Drums MD-90

No1. The Millenium Drums MD-90

Do you have a family member or friend who has a passion for music who loves to tap their feet to the rhythm but doesn’t have the space to commit to a full-size drum kit? The MD-90 is the perfect introduction to the world of drums and percussion and offers an affordable compact tabletop experience that can be easily packed away and stored without worry. 

The MD-90 has 50 different drumkits to choose from with a variety of style choices! The rubber pads make for a realistic feel and are perfect for getting to know your first beats and rhythms! 

10″x5,5″ Brass Side Snare

No2. The Millenium Drums 10X5.5 side brass snare

Jingle bells are not the only brass instrument to be featured this Christmas! The Millenium Drums Brass side snare is the perfect addition to any drum set. Adding an auxiliary snare drum is a great way to add extra texture to your grooves and fills. The Snare features a 1.2 mm thick brass shell which makes for a small drum with a surprising amount of tone. The small circumference of the snare means it is extremely responsive and perfect for drum and bass and funk styles! 

The Focus Junior drum set

No3. The Focus Junior drum set

This one is for all the little drummer boys and girls parumpapumpum! Give the gift of inspiration and an incredible musical journey with this kit! The Focus Junior series is for children aged four and up the 16″ bass drum provides a full tone while also allowing for a low set-up height. 

The compact snare drum in 12″ offers fantastic snare sound at a size suitable for children. Toms in 10″, 12″ and 13″ complete the setup. To prevent the bass drum from being too boomy, the Focus Junior drum set comes with a damping pad. Perfect for getting started! 

Millenium Drums Pro Series Hardware

No.4 Millenium Drums Pro Series Hardware

Hardware is an integral part of any drum setup, keeping your cymbals and drums in place while you are jamming away to your favourite song. Ranging from more lightweight stands to save your back on the gig to heavy stands with multiple adjustments that won’t move when you’re smashing your way through your set.

From Drum thrones to X-hat clamps the Millenium Drums pro series hardware is high quality and meticulously designed to give peace of mind to the favourite drummer in your life. 

Millenium Drums MPS-850

No.5 Millenium Drums MPS-850

Coming in at number 5 we have a serious piece of equipment! The Millenium Drums MPS-850 offers you a level of sonic versatility that you won’t get from any traditional drum set. The many acoustic drum kits range from delicate jazz to modern metal sounds. Classic 808 and 909 drum machine sounds! 

The MPS-850 is perfect for the drummer who can’t practice on an acoustic kit all the time and offers a sense of quiet in the house when being played. The MPS-850 has a headphone output as well as Bluetooth so you can play along to your favourite tracks! 

This concludes our top 5 gifts for drummers this Xmas! Be sure to check back soon for more exciting articles in the Millenium Drums magazine, including New Products, Discover articles, Education, and Support!