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Take control of your sounds

Control your effects like a DJ

Unleash your creativity with the MPS-850! This fully-equipped E-drum set includes six drum pads with mesh heads, three cymbals plus hi-hat and 550 sounds from a wide variety of styles. You can even import your own sounds into the module. Load up your favorite snare, percussion loops, keyboard chords or special sound effects at the push of a button. To give you a maximum of control over your sounds, we’ve equipped the MPS-850 with six faders, so you can tweak sounds and add effects instantly.

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Drum pads
Drumheads material
Sample Import

The right thing for every taste

Whether you’re into pop, rock, electro, hip hop or metal, the MPS-850’s 30 preset drum kits offer authentic sounds for any taste. There are also 20 memory slots for saving your own user drum kits. With the 100 included play-along songs, you’ll never get bored during practice. And if you prefer to play along to your favorite songs, you can connect your smartphone or another audio player to the aux input. Despite being packed full of features, the MPS-850 measures only about 140 x 80 cm (55 x 32 inches).

Stunningly close to the original

To give you the authentic feel of an acoustic drum set, we’ve fitted all drum pads (including the bass drum) with mesh heads. These special fiber heads offer a much more natural, smoother playing feel than rubber pads and go easy on your joints, as well.

A bass drum pedal is included, as is a hi-hat machine. And both play exactly like their acoustic counterparts. The 12-inch hi-hat and cymbal pads are generously large, so you can easily transition to an acoustic drum set at any time.

Sounds without limits

The MPS-850 offers you a level of sonic versatility that you won’t get from any traditional drum set. The many acoustic drum kits range from delicate jazz to modern metal sounds. Classic 808 and 909 drum machine sounds, a huge selection of percussion instruments from around the world and even orchestral instruments like marimba and timpani are also included.

And here’s the best: With 15 MB of internal memory, you can easily add your own personal favorite sounds to your kit.

Technical specifications

Set configuration
  • 1x 10″ Two-zone mesh head snare pad
  • 2x 08″ Two-zone mesh head tom pad
  • 2x 10″ Two-zone mesh head tom pad
  • 1x 08″ Mesh head bass drum pad
  • 2x 12″ Two-zone crash cymbal pads with stop function
  • 1x 12″ Three-zone ride cymbal pad with stop function
  • 1x 12″ Hi-hat pad with controller on stand
Connection options
  • 2 x 6.3 mm Jack main outputs
  • 1x 6.3 mm Stereo jack headphone output
  • 1x 3.5 mm Stereo jack line input
  • 2x 6.3 mm Stereo jack trigger inputs (already occupied by second crash and fourth tom pad)
  • USB memory
  • MIDI In & Out
Included Hardware
  • Cabling
  • Hi-hat Stand
  • Power supply unit
  • Sticks

Possible configurations

  • MPS-850 E-Drum Set

  • MPS-850 E-Drum Set Bundle

    Drum throne, Headphone, Sticks
  • MPS-850 E-Drum Monitor Bundle

    Cabling, Drum monitor, Drum throne, Sticks
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Sound Check | MPS-850 | 808

Check out this Soundcheck video for the MPS-850 and hear the awesome samples included with the kit.

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