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The drum set for your travel bag

Play the drums anywhere, anytime

Our MD-90 offers seven velocity-sensitive pads in an ultra-compact package that fits into any suitcase. It comes with two foot switches for playing bass drum and hi-hat sounds. The module offers 50 drum kits, five of which are freely programmable. It also includes 100 practice songs and play-along patterns. The integrated metronome and recording functions are essential tools for practicing. And we’ve even included a pair of drum sticks, so you can start playing right away.

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Drum pads
Drumheads material
Beckenpads plus Hi-Hat Pad

Perfect for the spontaneous jam session

With its sturdy plastic enclosure, the Millenium MD-90 measures only 50 x 37 x 15.7 cm and weighs just over 3 kg. You won’t find a more portable drum set anywhere! And it runs on batteries or the included power supply, so you can truly play anywhere. With the integrated loudspeakers and 265 sounds, the MD-90 is ready to jam. And you can use the USB port to connect it to your computer and record drum tracks.

Great for beginners

If you’re passionate about playing the drums, but aren’t sure if a “real” electronic kit is right for you, the MD-90 is a very affordable way to discover the world of drumming. The seven pads are velocity-sensitive and offer an excellent playing feel thanks to their rubber surfaces. And while foot switches aren’t made for complex patterns, they can help to improve your hand-foot coordination and enable you to play most standard grooves.

All you need to practice and have fun

With 265 sounds from a wide variety of styles, you’re ready to master any musical situation. Acoustic drums, electronic drums, percussion and even melodic sounds like vibraphone are all part of this ultra-compact kit. You can use the 45 preset kits or unleash your creativity by programming kits of your own.

There’s no need for additional devices, as the MD-90 comes with numerous integrated play-along songs. And if you want to expand your sonic possibilities even further, you can do so by connecting the kit to a computer via USB.

Technical specifications

Set configuration
  • 7 Velocity sensitive drum pads
  • 265 Percussion/drum sounds
  • 45 Permanently programmed preset drum kits
  • 5 Individually programmable user kits
  • 100 Stored preset songs and 1 demo song
Connection options
  • Kick and hi-hat button input
  • Headphones
  • USB 1.0/2.0 interface (MIDI IN/OUT) available
Included Hardware
  • Power supply unit
  • Sticks
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Sound Check | MD-90

Check out this Soundcheck video for the MD-90 and hear the awesome samples included with the kit.

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